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David Lenderyou was brought up in Cornwall with his Father being from Falmouth and his Mother from Palmers Green, bless her. Maybe it was while dancing in the Hal an Tow and dressing up as a merry man having to wear his Mums tights at the age of twelve that his life began to take shape. Life has many challenges and maintaining that inner spirit will help keep you on the path.

Books Narratives

Cornish MIst 1 - Slowly, Slowly Catch a Frenchman.

In the year of our good Queen Anne, the French, pay rolled by the rich and arrogant Philip de Albret, have put enemy sleepers deep into a Cornish village. Their plan is to kill all local resistance by injecting an undetectable lethal chemical prior to a planned invasion. Joshua and Rebecca, inexperienced and unbeknown to each other are brought together into a secretive world to expose them, aided by secret information gained from hushed means.

Cornish Mist 2 - The Butterfly Witch of Bodmin Moor

In the year of our good Queen Anne, the French niece of the murdered Philip de Albret, and her accomplice the lowly begotten son of King Louis XIV, connive and scheme together for their own selfish greed irrespective of the cost to others. They plan to convince the King that Philip de Albret’s death was a conspiracy to the throne and only they, subject to certain rewards, can solve things quietly and capture the ultimate person responsible. Joshua and Rebecca, with the ever so quiet help of Zelahnor, must stop this oncoming death trap to defend the Cornish way. Believe and you will be fine.

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